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illinois lottery. the first number 1, second number, third and final number is 5. that makes this afternoon's winning pick 3 numbers 1, 4, 5. it's time to play the pick 4 game but don't forget to pick up that lotto ticket tonight. that jackpot 4 1/4 million dollars. good luck to you. let's play pick 4. first number is 4. second number zero. third lucky number is 5. fourth and final number this afternoon, that number is 1. so that makes this afternoon's
governor of illinois, democrat gov. pat quinn faced bill brady last week on wttw. this is about one hour. >> the evening and welcome to chicago tonight. on this thursday, october 28th, we devote the entire hour to the race for illinois governor. we will talk to the candidates about their qualifications to serve. that is next. ♪ they hold very different views, but they are vying for the same job -- governor of illinois. voters will choose which is best suited to move illinois for word. tonight, and candidates bill brady and pat quinn meet face- to-face for the final time. here tonight in the audience are members and guests of the city club of chicago. they are our sponsor in this forum. we have the two candidates, or two of the candidates, who want to be governor. republican candidate bill brady is currently a member of the illinois state senate and democrat pat quinn who is currently holding the office of governor. also on the candid it are rich whitney, lex green, and independent scott lee cohen. we have links to all their campaigns on our website. a quick note. this is not a formal d
'll be celebrating by night's end. >> but in illinois, every major race is a toss up. night's end could be many hours and vote counts away. >> and we're following it all from illinois governor to senator to cook county board. it's election night on wgn. >>> good evening to you and welcome. we've been here a couple of hours in these seats on our sister station cltv and wgn now. for election coverage decision 2010. i'm mark suppelsa. >> we want to welcome our wgn america viewers as well. we want to see where we stand right now in the big races right now. >> let's start with the illinois governor's race. with 51% of precincts reporting, we've got 51-42 pat quinn over bill brady. scott lee cohen dragging out at the bottom. >> and we've got 36% of the precincts reporting for u.s. senate. giannoulias 54% and mark king 41%. >> cook county board president toni preckwinkle running away with it. let's see what she has to say. ♪ [ music ] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. ♪ [ music ] thank you. thank you, thank you. ♪[ music ] >> thank you very much. i'm proud to stand h
, 31-24. >>> and since 1938 and that in- state between illinois and northwestern. first quarter, illinois up 7-0 and short with the second touchdown of the day and less than 5 minutes, set a school record with 330 yards rushing, 14-0, the fighting,lyny. >>> because of the brick wall in right field, all offensive plays ran towards the west end zone and do you to safety concerns. and that happens here. northwestern and ryan peters, 59 yards and watch out for the wall. he's okay and i need on you the wall and want you on the wall. covered in ivy, northwestern was happy with that and not with the final 4, 48.7, illinois. >>> more football in strange places and yankee stadium, the 50th meeting between army and notre dame and played 22 times. tonight, as it turns out, the irish are likes the new digs and with that and that 31-yard touchdown and the nice green uniforms, fighting irish. when we come back, off the wall with wisdom martin. stay tuned.  off the wall, wisdom martin and dave ross. >> yes, sir. >> after the melee, the madness, the massacre from monday nig
>> in nine hours, the polls across illinois will open, the voters facing crucial choices, julius, brady o'quinn, the consequences on the state and washington dc. >> i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. >> we begin our coverage seen on wgn with our team of reporters out with republicans and democrats. first wgn's lourdes duarte. >> reporter: hi, i'm following democrats. julius who's running for obama's former senate seat and pat quinn who's running for governor. it's been a very busy day for them. quinn touring the state and julius making a stop at a number of places and ending here at a straupt in greek town with at least 150 supporters with them. quinn, meanwhile, as i mentioned flew around the state and did a campaign rally outside tonight in his headquarters. you can see his main focus today was on the project "put illinois to work." both janewliuous and quinn have received quite a bit of support from the white house with president obama making several trips to chicago to support them as well as first lady michelle obama, she's made a stop here, as well as vice preside
and a five-time north shore congressman mark kirk will be sworn in as illinois' newest u.s. senator. i want to show you some video, images you won't see anywhere else because wgn tv was the only media outlet anywhere to join mr. kirk as he checked out his new senate offices for the first time this morning. looking around his workers were still doing their thing in there. he'll be sworn into complete the remainder of president obama's unexpired senate term taking over from roland burriss. that after a bitter campaign and narrow victory over democrat alexi giannoulias. he talked to us very openly today about a ha moment here in washington when he realized that this was really happening. >> i will just say i have one personal moment since the election that capsulizes everything. i had early appointments and i was in the capital around 7:30 a.m. no one was there. i walked into the senate chamber, the capital police woman recognized me so she let me walk in. i was alone in the senate chamber, it was what i would describe as a mr. smith goes to washington moment because i saw the movie, i remembe
, especially for the university of illinois, it works. fighting illini taking home the land of lincoln trophy after getting past northwestern, if only for the week. >> this was the best experience i have seen in my life. the best money i have ever spent. >> reporter: football in a baseball park, like no play in the east end zone, due to concerns about the player's safety. it depending on perspective. most fans did not seem to mind. >> the ball disappears on the 20-yard kickoff. all of a sudden, a player emerges and we have no idea where they will go. >> people were watching nationwide. i think it will be a big recruiter thing for our school. >> reporter: and despite the outcome, it looked like the idea was a winning one. >> having northwestern at wrigley was a culmination of everything. i'm happy, i'm coming any way. but i thank northwestern. >> reporter: the friendly confines as it hosted the first football faceoff since 1970. with atmosphere like this, fans are wondering why it took so long for them to embrace the gridiron once again. >> wrigley field is the best place to watch a game, rega
the illinois senate race and in las vegas following the nevada senate race. but first to the white house. mike tell us about the type of outreach the president is trying to do with interviews today. >>reporter: he has been on a variety of radio stations reaching out to a young audience, and urban radio stations freeing out to african-american ought conferences and in las vegas he reached out to latino audience. take a listen. >> the latino vote is crucial. obviously, when you look at some of the stuff that has been going on during this election campaign that has tried to fan anti-immigrant sentiment, a lot of latinos feel under assault. >>reporter: he appealed to the voters in the las vegas area to vote for harry reid for senate in a tough re-election bid and for a local congressman for re-election and the rest of up to the voters. >>shepard: and the president will speak to the american public in a news conference tomorrow. what do we know? >>reporter: aides say today, election day, is about the american public sending a message to washington, dc, sending a message to the president, and the wh
here in illinois and around the country. i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's julian crews is live downtown with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. this has been an awfully tight race. battle to be the next senator from illinois. democrat aleksei giannoulias hoping for a big turnout among voters here in the city. but republican mark kirk likes his chances. kirk's people say they moved ahead in the race. most recent poll shows the congressman has a three to four point edge. traditional strong holds like chicago's collar counties and downstate illinois are expected to turn out for the gop. it could very well boil down to independent voters deciding who will sit in barack obama's old senate seat. >> i think there is a growing wave of independents that want thoughtful independent leadership. and someone who won't rubber stamp everything that nancy pelosi wants to do. >> reporter: but aleksei giannoulias hopes those independents will go democrat. he spent the morning shaking hands at
tonight. ron johnson will become the next senator of wisconsin. then in illinois, al ly giannoulias is in a very tight race. the democrat is trailing republican mark kirk by just about 1%. finally in colorado, we see a little bit of a gap emerging here with i think 22% of the precincts reporting if i read that correctly. michael bennett at 50% over republican and tea party supported canned dade ken buck. those are some of the latest results that we have. we'll try to keep you up to date later in the hour. >> lehrer: here with me now are shields and brooks. syndicated columnist mark shields, "new york times" columnist david brooks. mark, is it just my imagination or are there more close races this time? if so, why are they so? is that a reflection of just how divided the country is? is that going too far? >> i don't know if it's an indication of just how divided it is but.... >> lehrer: how closely divided. >> it is in fact the pattern that when the close races usually go to the party that is winning. and a couple of exceptions so far. joe donley in the second district of indiana. th
seen around the country on wgn america, it could be weeks before we know who the illinois governor will be. some 9100 votes separate the two leading contenders. how long they'll be in limbo depends on several factors. julie unruh joins us now. >> reporter: we're trying to keep an eye on it. there's a lot of watch. if the candidates for governor want to push for exact numbers, they're going to get them apparently but it's going to take some time. this race is easily 30 days away from being decided. >> i believe we have won. >> it's important that we let this process move forward in an organized way. >> reporter: two men vying for the state's top job one day after the election. what stands between them other than their idealologies? votes. almost 10,000 of them. >> normally you wouldn't see this because candidates have a big enough lead. anytime there's this razor thin marvin, they may be necessary. it may not. it may be close enough that the campaigns are comfortable with it. >> reporter: and people all over the state are watching very closely. >> i think both mr. brady and governor
. >>> a bridge southwest of chicago comes falling down into the illinois river but it was no accident. it was a 78-year-old bridge in seneca, illinois, and went down after 7:00 a.m. this morning. skycam9 was there for the implosion. and the brink was blown up to make way for a new $24 million replacement. a local resident got to push the implosion button after winning a town raffle. the rest of that bridge will be imploded at a dater date. >>> and we are about seven hours away from kickoff. bears taking on the miami dolphins. >> seven hours away. wgn's sports director dan roan is in south florida and he joins us now with a preview of tonight's game. >> hello, allison and steve. i have to tell you, pretty nice deal down here. the bears come down in the middle of november and get a chance ospend time in nice warm weather in south florida. when they arrived at the hotel last night, they fanned out all over the place and spent a little time on south beach. we are -- were back in their beds and getting ready for the job at hand against the miami dolphins. a homecoming game for some of the
faces 16 ranks of illinois. they had a chance to play the title game for the terms of the 16-3. today, gary embraces friday. he had 10 in the first half of this year. illinois, goodness gracious. leonard, 28, 23. a nice feed to james. he slams it home. 40-46, illinois at home. maryland has taken the lead. i'm interested group of linemen. one went to the skin and -- had a skin condition and he went to the hospital. marshall returns to practice the day following the birth of his son. they had doctors induce labor said that marshall would not miss a game. to the impassioned plea for the offense to wake up. the series resulted in the five- yard touchdown. i asked if they mind the fact that the verbal leadership came from somewhere other than quarterback. >> we have a lot of veteran leaders. they will wait for the quarterback. this is a collective group and they are trying to achieve a common goal. if you are feeling this, let it come out. there is no pecking order on our offense. if you are feeling that moment, let it come out. >> many congratulations for donovan smith. the left tackle fo
. there you go. these guys have been working incredibly hard. i think that when the thugs in illinois see -- when the votes in illinois see -- folks in illinois see, that is what they want, somebody on their side. college, and to we're working tirelessly to make that happen. good to see you again. let's get a picture with the staff. c'mon, c'mon. all right. [unintelligible] thank you, guys. [unintelligible] >> scrambled eggs right here, sir. [applause] ♪ >> hello, cleveland. hello, cleveland. [applause] you are beautiful. you are ohio. this wonderful state we love, this state that is a microcosm of america. if you were to shrink america, you would end up with ohio. [applause] and in ohio, what do we want. [unintelligible] let me make a suggestion. [laughter] we want health care for our people. [applause] we want jobs for our working families. we want equality -- a quality education for our children. we want affordable college for our young people. in ohio, we are grateful to the president and vice-president and senator sherrod brown and our democratic friends in the house of representat
] >> we don't have any -- we are entitled to one. can't speak for illinois. about time we had a command. senator lemieux, thank you. >> i had an opportunity to visit yemen and djibouti and to see firsthand what our forces are trying to do to combat aqap. and concerned about somalia and the tie between al qaeda and the arabian peninsula as well as the ties with al shabob. i would like you to tell me what your view is of the area, and your plan for this country in coming years to combat terrorism and the links between yemen and other african countries and radical islamic groups and what we can do to combat those threats. >> i believe the extremist threat emerging from east africa is probably the greatest concern that africa command will face in the near future and if confirmed it becomes a very high priority. consistent with what i believe to be the command's highest priority which is to defeat frets that would emerge from the continent toward the u.s. homeland or u.s. interests. one of the challenges for us would be as you correctly point out, senator, area sits astride two geographic co
, and will officially announce his candidacy tomorrow. he'll do so at the university of illinois chicago. >>> also officially announcing his run for mayor tomorrow, u.s. representative manny davis. davis will do so at the hotel aleg row across from city hall. >>> a developing story tonight, chicago police are investigating the deaths of two people found shot to death in a car on the south side. wgn's marcella raymond is in west anglewood neighborhood and 70th street. she joins us with the latest on that investigation. marcella. >> hi, jackie. friends and family have been looking for these two men and a third since yesterday. police confirm that two were shot to death and found in a car on 70th near damon's. one was in the driver's seat, the other in the back seat. there is talk out here of the third man possibly being in the trunk, but police have note confirmed that yet. police say that they were responding to a well-being check at about 6:45 tonight. some neighbors i talked with say they heard shots at that time as well. a tow truck just came by a few minutes ago and took the car, with the victi
with the terps who were playing a top 25 team for the second day in a row. th time it was 13th-ranked illinois. you always do that inbound in practice, right? miles lennon throws it down for illinois. 34-46 at half çótime. the rps rally in the second half. the lay-up here makes it a one-point game, but that's as close asçó the terps would get. maryland down by eight. now dino gregory off the mark. illinois gets e rebound and they're on the run. dmitry in for the lay-up. illinois beats maryland 39-36. >>> ausin freeman hitting it from down south. freeman goes for 14 for lo hoa l jolla. chris wright gets it back. he skoops it up and in. georgetown wins it 74-59. >>> look at is cutie watching george mason taking on mesa state. hanging with the wolfpack second after. here comes lou hancock, takes it to the hole. he has 11 points in the game. mason leads 56-55, but the wolfpack just too much. turning up the defense, they start to break lorenzo brown. ji laird and the patriots lose 78-65. >>> high school football now. quince orchard and damascus fighting for the right to go to a seventh quarter.
. back in 1997, justin boulat was a 20-year-old student at eastern illinois university when he admitted strangling his former girlfriend, 18-year-old andrea will with a phone card. he confessed. was sentenced to 24 years of first-degree murder. under more lenient illinois sentencing laws that gave you a day off for each day of good behavior. today he is out after a dozen years. on his way to hawaii with his wife whom he married behind bars in '07. two were childhood friends. she teaches medicine at university of hawaii and strong reaction is oming -- is coming to news of this release where the victim came from. >> my heart goes out to the family. member is irreplaceable. that's a pain that will be with them for the rest of their lives and to know the man is going on with his life doesn't seem fair. >> it isn't right. it isn't right. shouldn't happen and yet we see it happen all the time. it's ridiculous. >> bottom line, corrections officials say they just housed inmates. nothing could be done prior to today to forestall boulat's release. nothing can be done to interfere with his plans t
there is much work to be done and done quickly. the size of the illinois deficit indicates just that. >> we are here to do big things on behalf of the public interest. and i really want our legislators to not be timid but to take on the great challenges and causes and really accomplish great things. that's my job. >> reporter: with his victory peanut butter quinn, quinn proved the polls wrong. and that ballots could bring him within reach. this afternoon in his hometown of bloomington, he said it was insurmountable. >> governor quinn won this race and worked hard for it. you can't take away from his effort in this encover. >> reporter: bay did was promising bipartisanship but the two clashed on the tax hike. brady claimed that -- isn't the answer. he's encouraged republicans picked up seats in the house and senate. his first entry into politics handed him an emotional first encounter with campaign defeat. >> i'd like to thank everyone. my family, friends, our supporters, and our staff. >> reporter: brady won't rule anything out of his own political future. and in the short-term plans on ac
and gifts she's received. >>> illinois versus indiana. one state swamped with death. the other not so much. one state known for governors in trouble. the other not so much. i sit down with the state's star, the governor. >>> plus what's this? a mystery missile lights up the sky off the coast of california. why the government says there's nothing to worry about. >>> mild november weather can't last forever. tom skilling says we could see a big dip this week. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today. the droid 2. a lightning-fast keyboard, a turbo-texting, web-jetting super you. the droid x. a 4.3-inch screen. summon movies and games at your command. now buy a droid 2 by motorola for $149.99 and get any phone free. >>> living in illinois, the word governor has for years conjured up one-word responses like prison, convicted, and bleeping. ever aer of the guy running the state next d
senator of wisconsin. then in illinois, al lexy giannoulias is in a very tight race. the democrat is trailing republican mark kirk by just about 1%. finally in colorado, we see a little bit of a gap emerging here with i think 22% of the precincts reporting if i read that correctly. michael bennett at 50% over republican and tea party supported canned dade ken buck. those are some of the latest results that we have. we'll try to keep you up to date later in the hour. >> lehrer: here with me now are shields and brooks. syndicated columnist mark shields, "new york times" columnist david brooks. mark, is it just my imagination or are there more close races this time? if so, why are they so? is that a reflection of just how divided the country is? is that going too far? >> i don't know if it's an indication of just how divided it is but.... >> lehrer: how closely divided. >> it is in fact the pattern that when the close races usually go to the party that is winning. and a couple of exceptions so far. joe donley in the second district of indiana. that was one the republicans had their e
the new congress convenes in january. some democrats say they will not vote for her. illinois congressman mike quigley quoted as saying the reality is she is politically toxic. so far no other democrats have announced they want to be minority leader. >>> former president george w. bush promoted his new book in chicago this morning. >> if one reads the book you will see a series of stories and anecdotes. all aiming to put one to describe who i am. and two, put you in a position so you understand the environment and what it was like to make decisions in the beginning of the 21 century stoars mr. bush promoted decision points at union league club. he said he wants book to stand the test of time and therefore he was very open and candid about such issues as iraq and hurricane katrina. he also shares how he gave up drinking alcohol and how that crucial decision paveed the way for him to run for the presidency. >>> up next on the midday news, is the cta ready to sell out. the proposal to sell naming rights in an effort to help the cash strapped agency. >>> saga at sea almost over for thousands
with the lead council for -- counsel for the republican party and he claims the illinois governor's race is definitely not over. despite the odds ofs quinn lead widening more with the absentee balloting underway here at the county building, the brady campaign has no plans to throw in the towel. absentee ballots are still coming in to the cook county election board where workers will spend another day processing and sorting. another 900 ballots arrived yesterday. with about 15,000 envelopes to verify, it may be another 24 hours before workers begin to open those envelopes to tally the votes. though bill brady stressed need for a thorough count, the absentee balloting may work against him since the vast majority are coming in to chicago in cook county. mean time governor quinn has got an congratulatory call from president obama. with a 19,000 vote gap, a brady win is mathematically improbable. >> by tuesday the 16, even though the race is not officially over, by tiewls the 16 you will have all the numbers that you need. and increasingly it looks like this election is over. >> reporter: wit
marcellus shale formation in pennsylvania. and illinois food company sara lee picking up a deal today. sara lee selling its north american bakery business to bimbo, the largest bread maker for $959 million in selling its underperforming bakery business, sara lee says it will focus growth in its coffee and meat businesses. sara lee also reporting lower than expected earning today. lastly, no acquisition deal at yahoo!, yet speculation about it has that stock jumping today. "new york post" reports that kkr and company has now joined list of firms interested in taking yahoo! private or helping finance a transaction. separately reuters reported alley about a about a group was approached by a group of private equity companies that was seeking to buy yahoo! right now on wall street, we were seeing stocks in the red today as financial companies and consumer companies decline overshadowing a rally in energy stocks. and those are your business headlines. live at cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. now back to you. >>> a new illinois lottery game will benefit the state's military veteran
on that challenge awrapped up her final day. >> this was a challenge put on by feeding illinois to raise the awareness of hunger in chicago. why not give this a try. i spent a week on my $30 budget. we thought the real challenge was trying to keep it somewhat healthy. >> reporter: we start here at the devon market with a $30 budget, a plan, and a partner. >> i have one of those per cup coffee machines and i need my coffee and it wasn't in the budget. >> reporter: not long ago he and many others took on the feeding illinois challenge. >> we heard things like this is hard. i couldn't do it for sustained periods. all i'm thinking about is food. >> reporter: feeding illinois hoping to show what so many families are dealing with today. a limited budget but trying to eat quality food. josh was intrigued and so was i. i asked for his help as i started the challenge myself. >> that's cheaper. chips. can i get this? >> you can't take free food. you can't use any food you already have. you can use salt and pepper and nothing else. spice rack off limits. >> reporter: so we spent time checking price
, this is the president's own state, illinois. phil hare, why is he in trouble? the midwest is turning republican this year. what's troubling for the democrats, they're in districts even with that number -- the democrats are on defense, that tells you a lot about their problems. let me show you another one. you see arizona, california, colorado, connecticut. this is coast to coast, north to south, east to west. this is a great race here. can you walk from washington, d.c., to jerry connelley's district in northern virginia. he's in trouble as well. northern virginia has been trending more and more democratic. another district, the president -- 57% for president obama two years ago and yet jerry connelley could be in trouble. if this one goes after the polls close then you'll get a sense there's a republican wave. if they start going republican, watch out. >> larry: and what about the senate, jonathan? >> well, let me walk over here to -- it's not the same, we've updated the technology, this is a bit more familiar. let me bring in the current senate lineup right here. this is the current lineup yo
it. and a band of tornadoes that slammed parts of illinois and wisconsin. more ahead on how all of this could affect your trip. >>> and it could potentially be the first concrete piece of evidence in the death of natalee holloway. they plan to reveal test results on a jawbone and whether it belongs to holloway. we should get those results today. and we're live in aruba just ahead. >>> first we start with breaking news. south korea's military on high alert after a major escalation of tensions with the north overnight. it reportedly began with north korea firing some 200 artillery rounds. south korea then responded with 80 rounds and scrambled f-16 fighter jets. >> the initial target was the south korean island in the yellow sea. reports say two soldiers were killed, more than a dozen injured by artillery fire. jill dougherty's following developments live in washington. jill, this is not the first time this island has been a flash point between the two nations. >> that's right, john. it's right along that maritime border. it's called the northern limit line between north korea and
illinois over closer to the east coast time zone start to go republican, then you would see it's going to be a very bad night. but democrats are hoping they can hold those blue states. >> let's take this hypothetical here. what would a gop controlled house means for the country? what would it look like? >> i think for president obama, it might be a good thing in a sense that republicans would then have some responsibility for governing, the house being more electric body might propose some things that are far out there on the tea party fringe. that might help the president because he would some somebody to play against raerchb democrats having all of the responsibility. if he had a republican-controlled house and senate, it could be a lot more difficult. i think the president is looking at a lot of investigations and a lot of negativity coming out of at least one body of the congress coming up. >> joe ann reed, editor of, we appreciate your perspective and getting up with us early this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >>> and just a reminder for all you at home,
for an easy win against illinois-chicago. the final, panthers 97, 54 over the flames. >>> number 13 illinois also had an easy night against toledo. they led by 29 points at halftime. and improved on that in the second half. illinois beat toledo, 84-45. >>> when we return, another look at this morning's top stories and anarchy in the uk. a student protest that got way out of hand. protest that got way out of hand. ,,,,,,,, >>> on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. light snow accumulations will build up in several cities in the rocky mountains and showers and storms are moving through the plain states. all thanks to a storm system approaching texas. >>> here's another look at this morning's top stories. the disabled cruise ship the carnival "splendor" could be towed into the port of san diego as early as this morning. an engine room fire sent the giant ship adrift. there are 4500 passengers and crew aboard. >>> a white house commission on cutting the nation's deficit proposes deep cuts in social security, reductions in federal spending, and higher taxes. budget cuts in b
. c. is headquartered in central illinois, the finish says it's the 148th largest bank in the u.s. by assets with 3.5 billion. 43 brnch else illinois and indiana also in florida. orders pick up for customers that we have. >> tom: okay. >> and it's still very soft demand. >> tom: i want to look it your poile, because it tells the sorry of where first busey puts its money to work in its community. about 14% are commercial loans, 8% destruction, but 2/3 concentrated in residential mornls and commercial real estate mortgages. what kind of cth us that also finance their plant and equipment with us. it's still a very weak sector, but as i said i think we're and trying to attract customers and loan them money. obviously banks tighten -- >> tom: how are they doing that, by loosening credit standards? because can interest rates possibly go any lower in downste illinois, and there was some improvement in ton employment. so it sounds as though we're the insights, our guest this evening, van dukeman, c.e.o. of first busey. >> tom: for the last few months, we've been reporting on how the gov
. in that time she has trotted out about 30 paintings. >> maryland's terrapins back in taking on illinois, for 3rd place in the 2 k sports classic benefiting coaches versus cancer. pick it up late second. illinois up seven. they get it ahead to paul. that goes up for the layup. and gets the foul. he made the free throw. to give them the nine-poont lead. but back come the terps. freshman howard, in trouule underneath. gets it out to rookie stock land that buries the hree. maryland down seven. and under tto minutes. they get it to the big man. williams with a nice scoop shot. finishes wwth a double double. 15 points and 12 boards. maryland heads to five. under 40 seconds. terps down seven. mosley drives, misses, and williams is there for the put back. turtles are not giving up. down by five. and with 10 picks left, ssock land stops, pops from beyond the arc, back of the rim and it goes in. he led the terps with 17 off the bench. they trail by just two. and six seconds, terps down four. stock land throws up the three. it is off the mark and illinois holds on to beat the terps 80-76 the final. >> t
. but tornadoes is a rarity. so, in illinois, jim grabbed his camera, when he saw a funnel cloud outside of his door. >> i stood out there, like the smart man that i am, and filmed it. >> reporter: the storm spared his house. others weren't so lucky. a school bus driver and students were in the bus when it was blown over. storms ripped the roof off an illinois home with a woman inside. >> she heard the freight train that everyone talks about. >> reporter: the sound people dread. kicking off a season now causing worries of its own. >> i'm not looking forward to this winter. it's probably going to be a long one. >> reporter: those storm systems in the east and west will continue to haunt thanksgiving week travelers. just as more people than last year are expected to hit the roads. emily schmidt, abc news. >> awful timing for all that weather. >>> as for today's weather, showers from seattle to san francisco, reaching l.a. by tonight. up to two feet of snow, meanwhile, in the sierras. blizzard warnings in utah and colorado. heavy snow in the western dakotas. thunderstorms from houston to the carol
to impose the death sentence ever. >>> plus, in a world exclusive, hear from former illinois governor rod blagojevich as he drops a bomb shell about his plans to bring rahm emanuel and maybe president obama into his next corruption trial. and whether or not tea party candidates will be part of the washington establishment. up next, efforts of the first speake female speaker of the house to remain a leader in the house. >> reporter: speaker pelosi says she has had conversations with fellow democrats who urged her to continue to lead the party in the house. in her second letter in as many days to house democrats, pa low say writes "many of our colleagues have been generous with their ideas and their support. i'm grateful for the confidence that has been placed in me to be house democratic leader. ". although democrats lost more than 60 seats, liberal democrats are cheering the decision. lee says pelosi is the best person to lead democrats through this challenging period. and says democrats need pelosi "now more than ever." with a number of moderate blue dog democrats just about cut in half
is outraged. a murdered eastern illinois student is going free and moving to paradise. she's shocked her ex-boyfriend justicin bolay has early released. he killed her in 1998 and out 12 years early. he will walk free on good behavior and plans to move to hawaii with his wife who he married while in prison, where he'll serve three years on patrol. >>> in politics, they're running for real in chicago's race for mayor, hopefuls lining up at the starting gate today filing piles of petitions to get on the february ballot. gary chico already filing revivals and debates. >> they're getting out to take part in a chicago tradition bright and early this morning. they have a week from today to get those petitions in with the early bird getting the birt chance of appearing first on the ballot come election day. it's the candidates' chance to start showing off, bringing in their stacks, displaying the kind of support they can drum up in chicago. >> this is good for the city of chicago. it bodes well for the future of the city of chicago and i'm excited about that. >> reporter: they only need 12,500 name
their burning home from mr. b. >>> i think the people of illinois know that i won the election. >> and now so does everyone else. with the math in his favor, quinn seems to have won the election. yet his opponent has yet to agree. i'm tom negovan. >> i'm micah materre. our top story seen around the country, not official but it's done. lourdes duarte explains how we can be so sure quinn won. >> reporter: the truth is until it's certified and official, we can't really be 100% sure. we need that assurance from the board of elections. but the math just doesn't add up according to the associated press. they have been looking at the counties and the absentee ballots out there. they followed the voting trends and there are not enough votes out there to make brady the new governor. pat quinn shaking hands at manny's deli like he won it. his lead over bill brady certainly a good sign. >> i don't expect it to change much. >> reporter: so is the associated press report declaring him the winner. then there's the phone call from president obama. >> he said he knew i won. >> reporter: a will
, and illinois, it's not snow, a tornado knocked a school bus on its side north of chicago. also ripped down power lines and trees. cutting off power to thousands. the same storm sent a tornado into wisconsin, caused damage to the roof of a gas station. there have been no reported deaths caused by the tornado. thousands remain without power in wisconsin and illinois. that could be dangerous as temperatures will be below freezing. >>> normally when the rest of the country is getting pounded, the bay area usually doesn't see much. that's not the case today. most of the rain is snow is to the north of us. snow in seattle, washington, oregon, now coming down into northern california. plenty of snow to the north and rain along the coast line. this storm is sitting to the west of washington right now. it is pulling in cold air from canada. the circulation is this motion here. this is the way it's moving. pulling in the told air from canada and picking up moisture over the ocean. we could see some bursts of heavy rain tomorrow and even snow. i mentioned the cold. look at the temperatures right now.
so many buildings under construction. >> it's worth it. it's less money than going to illinois, michigan, less than penn state. it's a great buy. try to pay full rate at stanford, see what it costs you. >> it will go into effect in the fall and there are no guarantees there won't be another fee increase next year. >>> kerns over new airport security screening guidelines. many are calling it gate rape. tonight, how a attorney is speaking out about the procedures and what his office will do if it hears of alleged abuse. that's ahead on kron 4 news. ♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better. >>> tonight's headlines, the public offering for general motors helped lift wall street today. the rescue is now paying off according to the white house. the government's steak in gm has dropped from 61% to 36%. the house ethics committee recommended censure for charles rangel today. that's the most serious discipline. it means he may have to stand before the house and face a rubuke from the speaker. the next step will be decided after thanksgiving.
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